Monday Motivation


Today as I wasted a guilty amount of hours scrolling aimlessly between Instagram and Facebook watching pastry chefs cut through the center of cupcakes and fill them with sprinkles, popular clips from America’s Got Talent that moved me to tears, and enough weave installs to earn a cosmetology license; I realized that I am my biggest distraction (as most of us are, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve accepted responsibility).
Yes, it is Sunday.  This day in dedication to Jesus, fun, bottomless mimosas, the Gods of brunch and laziness.  I’m being honest, so I’ll share that I have been Sundaying all week!  I’ve developed the poor habit of waking up, checking my social media AND upgraded to checking it… all day long!
But why Ashley, why?!?
It started as a giddy gesture.  I’ve been excited to watch people like, share and comment on my posts.  It’s intoxicating to see red hearts pop up on your Instagram notifications and alerts.  It’s captivating to watch the hypnotizing circle refresh to update my notifications on Facebook. Yes, I’m a phene for tracking my progress.
I’ve stooped to the level of a child, beaming as they prance on stage at the first dance recital.
Staring at their divorced parents who still make joint public appearances; making sure they witness every spin and shimmy.
Much like Stuart on MadTV, “look at me, look at me” with glee
What started as a simple moment of excitement has turned into a pattern of wasting time!
I went from refreshing every few hours
to refreshing every 30 minutes
to staying engaged with social media and watching those obsessive short clips between refreshing
to only watching the damned clips and not even posting so the need to refresh vanished
I know, I did upload 3-4 days ago
I personally feel that I am wasting my own time and the kid (yes, I’m referring to myself) feels pretty guilty.  I think there certainly are levels to time-wasting.  I’m on the low-end of the spectrum, setting off few radars. But can see how this can evolve into wasted weeks, months, and then I’m 35. Sitting in my living room, laughing at Instagram clips and corroding.  Talking about the things I wish I would’ve done when I’d positioned myself to.
Am I being drastic?
Drastic is what is going to keep Ashley Valentine from being a bum.
Not a bum as in the derogatory term used to demean a person living without a permanent address.
A bum: A person with potential but no discipline.  A professional in the career of a lip service provider.
Discipline is what’s going to take me from being a woman who quit her job with a dream, to a woman who left a position that was preventing her from doing the amazing things she’s done.
After a week of passively living up to my own expectations, I walk into Monday focused and ready to get things accomplished.
Have you been bummin’ lately?
I know I’ve got some fellow slackers reading.
While I’ve been bummin’ I’ve seen other people active on Facebook Messenger ALL DAY! How are you being productive (HOW SWAY)?!?
Okay, I sit my Judge Ashley hat to the side and let these locs breathe.
But if there’s something that you’re chasing or working towards, you’ve gotta spend some time
Some energy
Some resources
Get personal
You’ve gotta roll up your sleeves, pant legs, tie that 24 inches of bundles in a Boy Scout knot and get in it.
For me, that means finishing up this business plan, dedicated more time to building a strong blog site and following.  I have to become a master of my craft because mediocrity isn’t a space I congregate in.
If I aspire to greatness, I have to work towards that.  One isn’t defined as great simply because they profess that.
While I understand that the road towards building a brand is just that
a road
I don’t want to be stuck on the same square piece of cement.
I have to progress
That means no random social media surfing as intriguing as is it to my overstimulated mind.
Back to the basics for me!
What dreams do you have, still up in the clouds? Pull em’ down and start anchoring them on paper.  You’d be surprised what you could do if those dreams were given some life.  Share them, let this be your first step in the direction of living them.  Post them in the comment section!

#SheJumped, saw a shiny reflection of sprinkle-filled cupcakes, and fell face first but is back and focused on the slow grind

Happy almost Monday!

3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. Why are you stalking me when I’m stalking you!? Lol but in a serious note…I get your post…I’m gonna go roll up my sleeves and tackle the pit that should be my basement! Off to organize!


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