Update on mi vida en Coban: The keyboard was calling me

It feels like forever since I have last posted!
I am back from a lovely weekend at the plantation and have slowly crept back into my normal routine.  Well, I don’t actually have a routine per se.

I struggle with the whole structure of routines.  I like to think I’m a free spirit and a routine is symbolic of a cage.  My wings can’t spread in a cage, not all the way open!  I’m kidding, because it’s slightly embarrassing to be almost 30 and still routine-phobic and serious at the same time.

Here’s my routine (clears throat)
Somewhere between 8-9:00 am wake up
I haven’t been able to stop cold turkey so between 9-9:20 I admit to checking to see if I have notifications on Facebook or Instagram
By 9:30-9:40 ish, these teeth are brushed, face washed
By 10 I start working for about an hour
Somewhere around 11, I cook breakfast while listening to praise and worship music.  This doubles as my time to be reflective and meditate on what I am grateful for.
By 11:45 I’m done with my regular-shmegular breakfast which consists of 2 scrambled eggs with onion, bell pepper, red pepper and jalapeno cooked in them, a cup of hot Lipton black tea, and a piece of fruit
Back to work for about 2 hours
By 2 I’m in the gym-for the life of me, I cannot understand how people enjoy going to the gym.  I hate it!  I hate it as much as I detest folding laundry, clearing out the car it looks like I live in (don’t open the trunk), drafting progress reports, and socializing with arrogant people.

I ride the stationary spinning bike for about 20 minutes and alternate between leg and arm day and incorporate tummy/jelly roll exercises everyday.
After an hour once I’m drenched in my own salty sweat and feel like I’ve burned away some of the fat that occupies my body and refuses to vacate; I stumble back to my hotel.

After showering, grabbing more tea and a piece of fruit, I’m back to work for about 2-3 hours.
Now it’s normally about 4:45/5:00 pm.  This is when I cook my regular-schmegular dinner.  Drum roll… Sauteed vegetables, one flour tortilla, a sliced avocado, sliced cucumber, a piece of fruit, and yet another bag of Lipton Tea-how can I get an endorsement?
The rest of the evening, I’m free to work on my business plan, research, follow-up on leads for students to tutor when I return home, call friends and family members, look at Instagram and Facebook AGAIN, talk to my FREE therapist/adviser/consultant/agent/manager/listening-ear uncle and end the night talking about absolutely nothing with my
pretending like he is exhausted but I know he is enjoying doing whatever he wants without me pouting behind him
sleeping on my side of the bed on my pillow
going to the grocery store ballin’ out on all the good stuff
turn up turn up, she’s gone-hun-bunz
-I slightly feel bad for him.  He doesn’t even pretend to be enthusiastic when talking to me anymore.
“Hi, babe”, says cheerful Ashley through a toothy smile.
“Hi”, says neutral boyfriend.
“How was your day?” Asks gleeful Ashley.
“Good”, says neutral boyfriend.
“What did you do today?” Inquires fascinated Ashley.
“Work”, barks annoyed boyfriend.
Then I go on about my day, he chimes in so that he can at least say he was engaged.
Then when I feel sorry enough for him after he cues me with yawns, I let him off the phone.
Not before my heartfelt, “I love you babe” and his dry “I love you too” response.
Reminds me of being a child, outside having the grandest time.  Mom calls you to do something.  You drag yourself in the house to figure out what she wants.  She asks a few stupid questions that you answer in your disappointed, annoyed monotone.  She looks at you standing there pitifully for a while, enjoying your misery.  Then says the magic words, “you can go”.  Your face beams with joy as you bolt out of the door before she can think of another ridiculous question or lazy mom request.
Yep that’s him.
Gotta love a committed partner!  He sticks with the routine!

After that, shower.  This is a struggle!  I only found out in the last 2 weeks that I do have hot water!  Now that it’s functioning properly.  It works too well at producing insane temperature extremes.  The water spewing from the sterling silver shower head is scalding hot.  As I turn the knob to adjust the temperature from “melt my skin off” to “bearable”, I am always defeated.  The temperature is not really controllable.  You either get scalding, or freezing.  The perfect temperate only makes guest appearances for enough time to allow myself to spin around once to saturate my entire body.  Once I’m back to the front it’s either ice cold, or burning.

Once I finish the shower olympics, I cozy into my slither of the gigantic king bed I sleep in and read my latest book while simultaneously swatting the 1-2 mosquitoes that lurk, waiting to catch me slipping.

Just thought I would post to get back into writing, it really feels like it’s been a long time!  I think that’s a sign that I’m enjoying writing.  I forgot how relieving and pleasurable it is to spend time reflecting on my thoughts and writing.  Graduate school papers, pointless homework assignments, and the countless writing tasks I had to do as a special education teacher made writing more of a chore, like folding laundry (crowd gasps)!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post that’s more interesting!  For now I thought it was important that you knew I was still alive and hadn’t abandoned the baby that is my blog.
I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.  I know for me, this summer will be one I forever cherish.

The summer I rattled the cage, broke out yelling, “Hasta la vista baby”, while throwing up the peace sign to real life, moved to Guatemala and became a little marketing consultant, started a blog, then a website, and deciding “hell, why not.  I wanna build a brand”.

Until tomorrow!  I’m off to make another cup of tea-you are not a grown-up to me until you enjoy the flavor of tea.  Plus it makes you look sophisticated, much more so than if you drink soda, or coffee-coffee is overrated, tea is where it’s at (opening my box of $2.00 tea bags, ripping one open, dropping it into my blue ceramic mug and pouring over hot water, legs crossed above the knee like a proper lady).

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