Coban Eats Series: Sedano’s Steakhouse

What yesterday was.  Today’s the opposite
Lesson of the day: waiting is my weakness
I already knew this, but I truly thought patient was an adjective I could use when people wanna play the ridiculous, “describe yourself in one word” game.
Again today, I was out for work, rushing to complete last-minute requests.  The requests weren’t daunting, but that doesn’t change how much I didn’t want to fulfill them.  The part that drove me insane, was sitting in the air-conditioned (I hate air-conditioning) McDonald’s lobby waiting over an hour to deliver a box.

The hour went by slower than a tortoise crossing a 20 lane freeway.  Slower than my thick head of locs air-drying on wash day.  Slower than the cashier at the drive-thru of Popeye’s who delivers the devastating news that they’re out of honey, hot sauce and chicken.  Slower than direct deposit hitting my account on payday (that’s something I don’t have to wait on anymore-smiley face).
I mindlessly scrolled Instagram, Facebook, even cracked open my vault of useless YouTube tutorials and was still waiting!  Did I tell you how much I hate waiting? I would rather… do laundry (and if you read my last posts, you would know that I would rather do anything except laundry).
Waiting makes me so crabby, tough to deal with, unpleasant.  An outright indecent human doing-note how dramatic I am just thinking about the idea of waiting!
After dropping off the package I was free to finally get on with Saturday was I imagined living it when I woke up that morning.
It was 4:00 pm.
I had eaten a bowl of oatmeal and drank 2 or 3 cups of black tea-this could have potentially fueled my fury with waiting.  My stomach and brain were in sync and ready to eat.
While exploring the printing company (check out my last post if you missed that) I saw what looked like a nice steak restaurant.  I qualify it as nice because they had a shiny, fresh sign with a succulent piece of steak on it in, plastered in front of the building.  We all know these signs.  It wasn’t a custom sign unique to the establishment.  It was a Heineken sponsored sign with a hunk of steak and company logo nestled behind a few sweaty, green bottles of beer.
This place was on my mind after doing a little digging on Trip Advisor and seeing it was consistently rated 5 stars.
Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed with the ambiance and atmosphere.  The name of the restaurant is Sedano’s.  The kind of swanky joint to take a woman for a first date, anniversary, birthday, proposal, or proposal, or proposal.
The kind waiter allowed me to choose my seat.  I was the only person there at the time so the place was mines for the taking.
Since the place is on Trip Advisor, I won’t go on and on about the menu, go check it out for yourself.
I originally ordered a Rib-eye, medium.
I haven’t ate a steak in at least a year and a half or more but frustrated, cleanse my soul Ashley craved a marbled chunk of amazingness.
Unfortunately, they didn’t have a Rib-eye (which almost drove me to tears)
so I settled on a bone-out cut that only had fat on the top rather than throughout, at the chefs recommendation.
With the steak I ordered shrimp, mashed potatoes, salad and a Sangria.
Over the span of my time away I have done an impressive job of eating a diet based of fruit, vegetables, eggs, a few sprinkles of beans and rice here and there, oh and hummus.  Hummus almost daily while living at the hotel for the first 3 weeks.
Essentially what I am doing here is justifying my date night/proposal dinner for one.
The appetizer they brought was a deliciously soft bread, coated in butter and garlic sauce then likely baked.  At the center of the ring-of-bread was a metal ramekin (sauce cup) of butter, infused with salt and herds.  The soft butter and warm bread were a great flavor combination.  Rich and savory but not overbearing.
The plate came out and I was cheerful and content!
It was exactly what I imagined and more!
The steak was beautiful!  Crusted with herbs and salt. The salad-crisp lettuce, onion, cucumber, carrot and a slightly sweetened balsamic vinaigrette sparingly drizzled atop.  The mashed potatoes, creamy yet slightly chunky.  Nestled inside each bite was a piece of what I think was bacon.  The shrimp, tossed in salt, pepper, grilled to perfection and resting on a bed a lettuce.  The meat inside each shrimp, tender and sweet.
I slowly cut the steak open and my soul smiled.  The juices greeted me and the meat willingly submitted, onto my fork-no tug of war or sawing needed.  I don’t eat steak often but when I do, I don’t use steak sauce.  I enjoy the flavor combination of a great piece of meat and rich, flavorful fat.
Everything was delicious.  The error I made, was enjoying too much bread.
I took about 7 bites of steak, 3 forkfuls of mashed potatoes, 3-4 forkfuls of salad, ate 2 shrimp and was tapping out.
When I feel full, I can’t keep going.
I’m sure that while being here I’ve shrunk the size of my stomach and I am NOT trying to inflate this balloon before my hun-bunz can see how bomb I look!

I am the queen of “no leftovers”.  I’ll break that rule have a steak dinner with the fixin’s for breakfast in the am!
Overall, the field trip was worth it!
Sedano’s gets a 5 out of 5 stars in my book-I am the pickiest, most observant, “I can cook this better at home myself” restaurateur I know.  My 5 is really saying something!
Thank you Sedano’s for your amazing service and the steak of my dreams!
#TheBpumEats, the leftovers too!

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