I’m back and I’m better

I have been slacking in terms of blogging (and lots of other things) as of late.  

I’ve missed you guys!!

If you’ve missed the news,

I’m back in the US

Remember how I was pouting, and wishing it was time to come back home while I was in the home stretch of living in Guatemala?

Oh wait, I wasn’t blogging about it, I was just sharing it with my lifesaving-uncle-to-the-rescue and laugh-at-your-pain-hun-bunz 

Well I dunno why-I’m kidding.  

I am happy to be back home.  I am still high on thoughts of living out a full, rich, and abundant life

my dream of being an entrepreneur

and the desire to learn, grow, blossom and see the world.

In a previous blog post, I wrote of how I have these grandiose ideas of themes to blog on, content to build, stories to share.  All this awesomeness keeping me awake at night as my brain goes into overdrive conjuring up a master plan.  For me to awaken feeling overwhelmed and produce…nothing.  

I am my own worst enemy in terms of productivity.  

I can quickly consume my mind with feelings of self doubt.

I persuade myself that tasks are daunting and out of reach.  

All of the glitter and confetti that’s housed in the “dreamy and artistic” lobe of my brain which makes guest appearances at night

settles when I wake

Is swept up and collected in a Ziploc bag as the sun rises

my memory erased by the Men in Black that live in the “logical” part of my brain.  

Until nightfall when the awesomeness busts out of the Ziploc vacuum seal, taking freedom of the red and blue stripes separated, only to marry each other, Mr. & Mrs. Purple

taking over again by morning.  

I do hella procrastinating (translation: I do lots of procrastinating) and it only makes me hide and avoid being awesome.  Come through glitter!

To challenge myself to secrete awesome-sauce I am pledging to a 30 day blog streak-big gulp, smh. I know, “how are you going to give yourself a challenge, and you are challenged with follow through?”  I haven’t quite figured out the logistics, but if I speak it into the universe, I’ll burp glitter.  

I have done tons of cool things since returning!  I can’t tell you anything about any of my adventures because I fear that I won’t have content for the next 30 days.  You know what, let’s go all out, beast mode.  I, Ashley awesome-sauce Valentine am going to blog EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY UNTIL OCT 31!  BAM-BOOM, drops mic-and picks it back up because I’m not finished yet.

Clears throat.  

I will share what I’ve been up to since returning home to no job, a bank account set on auto-pay with no incoming direct deposits, a hefty list of people I need to reach out to since cracking my shell allowing the social butterfly I wish I was to peek her head, and a business waiting for me to water and allow it to flourish. Oh how I miss swiveling around in an office chair doing none of my assigned tasks and receiving a full paycheck for making sure said chair was not a hazard and held up to his factory warranty terms.  Life is real for this dreamer turned entrepreneur-as I fall out on the cool, roasted almond-colored hardwood floor in my cluttered living room.  My glitter powers don’t like cleaning up (it’s glitter, glitter is messy)

Until tomorrow!


Places the mic gently back into the stand and exits stage left

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