Bullet Note booking

Since I’ve been home I have been busy doing, honestly a lot of nothing (in my God honest opinion).  Aside from continuing to travel within the US, I have been private tutoring and struggling to finish my final year as a graduate student.  I am presently pursuing a dual Masters in Exceptional Education and Reading.  I can admit that I am struggling with my graduate studies because I’m not organized.  I struggle because I can’t juggle and am pretending to know how to with my eyes closed while balancing on a unicycle and uploading the video to my Instragram Story.  I am trying to balance

building a brand


private tutoring- both seeking and maintaining clientele


keeping a house clean-it Guatemala I was spoiled and cleaning was NOT my responsibility

and being a domesticated girlfriend (I’m trying babe-a-licious)

My life is a complicated snow-globe and right now I keep shakin’ it up

To help my snow-globe settle into organized compartments I started a bullet journal/notebook

A bullet notebook is a simple way to organize life on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis  

Now, I just started using it and it is still new to me but I’m having fun creating templates that work for me

I am a sucker for art supplies and visited by local art supply store

File_000 (40).jpeg

Art supplies are my oxygen, my water, my coconut oil, my Urban Decay setting spray, my Nair hair depilatory cream-I live for fine point, vibrant color pens

Durable, overly priced notebooks

Multipurpose, rainbow-hued sticky tabs

Silver, shiny heavy-duty rulers-that I honestly shouldn’t have bought since I’ve learned that I am incapable of drawing a straight line

Gold duct tape that I had to have in my overly ambitious moment of thinking I could embellish the black leather exterior

Fancy shamsy paper and PVA glue that I thought I would be using to further accessorize the gold “look at me” cover

Let me walk you through the process

I duct taped the cover and backing

File_000 (41)

I then covered the duct tape in PVA glue

File_000 (42)

I covered the duct tape and glue with the fancy shamsy paper

I allowed the artsy looking sales associate at the art store to convince me that I could do a project that was over my head.  She looked so artistic and I thought her art vibes would rub off on me

I get too excited about a task, heart rate increases, glitter chamber in my brain pulses, palms perspire and my wallet opens willingly

On top of the fancy shamsy paper I applied hella (translation: lots of) layers of PVA glue-this may be where I went wrong

File_002 (1)File_003 (1)

I then set the notebook out to dry


It dried to a tacky finish

Epic fail

I used my new creation to rip off my leg hairs-literally

As my eyes swelled with tears and my lip trembled-intro to poking out

My heartless-compassion deprived-babe-a-licious commenced to chuckle at my pain

That gave me courage to wipe away those defeated tears and readjust my lip

I decided to simply rip off the tacky, hairy mess of a cover and stick with the classic leather black binding, thank God it wasn’t disturbed by my horrible Frankenstein-ish creation

Sometimes simple is the best way to go

After wasting a week on a failed DIY, I was ready to put some content in this bullet journal

Again, doin the most

I decided I wanted to use stencils and stampers to create a traditional monthly calendar

This is how I concluded that I don’t know how to use a ruler to make a straight line

I started out marking plots, then trying to connect the plots with a straight line

Line, not straight

I figured it didn’t work out because I was too anxious and excited

Attempt 2

I went a little slower


I slowly drew a crooked line

Now I started crying and throwing things around

the genius-of course I can-babe-a-licious showed me a demo after laughing the tears back into their ducts

Attempt 3

I drew triangles at the points and connected the points of the triangles

It was looking hopeful


Fail- Another



I concluded I was doing too much

After ripping out 5 pages of expensive, quality, artist fantasies paper

I went back and decided to keep it simple

I did what was comfortable for me, basic bullet notebook format

It slowly started to come together

I’d finished a basic monthly calendar

File_001 (3)

Weekly calendar

File_000 (44)

And stopped there because it was midnight

I’m off to a good start bullet notebooking!

Glitter is settling successfully into categories that  make sense and will promote by productivity!

Graduate school is kicking my tail!  But getting organized is making tasks do-able and gives me a clear visual

I’m off to a good start, for now!

Yes, I am aware that I haven’t written for two days, but I have been traveling and am in Atlanta.  Wanna keep up with my whereabouts? Follow me on Instagram @ashmvtine



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