Welcome back Ashley!

To the loyal followers of the BPUM who’ve seen me and asked with puppy-dog-eyes, the dreaded, “when are you going to blog again?” This one’s for you! I guess deep in my heart I appreciate the inquiry!  It makes me feel like an R & B superstar whose fans anticipate the new album release.  I don’t have any new amazing verse to drop but I do admit that it’s been too long!  As I sit in my kitchen waiting for my first, hot skillet of homemade pancakes to bubble at the center, my fingers and soul itch to blog! How long has it been?  At least before Thanksgiving so that’s almost…November, December, January, February, March, end of March almost April. That’s A LONG TIME!

What have you been doing all this time?

I traveled a little in December and January (a long, long, long road trip from Milwaukee to Cali.)  After that I returned to Milwaukee and the grind of graduate school ‒ if someone would have explained to me at length the process of writing a thesis and conducting research, I would’ve gladly stopped after undergrad!  That’s pretty much what my life has been since mid-January. The steady grind of my graduate school coursework (3 classes), thesis ‒ oh yeah and trying to build my tutoring business.

The tutoring business (if it can even be called that) is a constant struggle.  The curse of choosing a career path that leads to a soul overflowing with joy but does not offset a wallet full of air.  In terms of education as a business ‒ a profitable business, I’m not so good at the profit part yet. I have the passion, the skill set, the knowledge base, the patience, and the drive.  I lack the marketing skills and iron fist. Iron fist?  I envision sticking by my policies and expectations and slamming down my fist to depict my level of seriousness.

Scenarios where an iron fist would be useful

“I am unable to reschedule your session for the third time this month.  I look forward to seeing you at your regularly scheduled appointment” (slams iron fist).

“According to your service agreement, there is a late fee if you pick up your child late.  The late fee will be added to your bill” (slams iron fist).

“Unfortunately, because you cancelled your session 1 minute prior to its start time, you will still be charged for the session.  I will add the cost to your invoice” (slams iron fist).

Yep, iron fist.  I need it like I need a full snow suit to be comfortable in my house because babealicious keeps the heat on 65 or below

What else…

My hard-working hun-bunz is going great!  Winter is his “slow season”.  The quotations signify that the season is supposed to be slow, but it seems pretty ramped up to me.  Nevertheless, I’ve been enjoying daily snuggle sessions which basically consist of me sitting so close to or on him, that I suck up every ounce of oxygen within a foot of his face.  I like to describe my behavior as that of a puppy.  A new puppy.  As he moves around the house, I scurry behind him.  If I am cooking in the kitchen, I pressure him into joining me.  While he showers, I sit on the toilet and talk to him (well not everyday).  Basically I’m like his sweat, always near and lurking just below the surface.  

Healthy-eating habits

I’m slowly getting back into those.  I’m not exactly sure what happened, but umm… I’ve regained many of the precious pounds I shed while in Guatemala!  No worries, summer is coming and I will be some sort of ready.

I’m no more clear about what the future holds for me than I was in Guatemala!  Graduation is in May and I don’t have sequence of next steps yet!  It’s honestly difficult to even start to think about the next when I have loads of things to focus on in the now.  I now know that I am NOT a multitasker.  I am that person who sees tasks piling, and runs for a warm place to snuggle (maybe this is why I’m a newborn puppy).

Juggling is a skill I haven’t acquired, but I can carry one egg on a spoon across the finish line.  As I juggle my egg I anticipate getting back into the blogging world.  How I miss it so!  Blogging was my journal, my meditation, my reflection, my safe-space.  Today I make my return!

Pancakes, a fail but done ‒ they taste perfect but crumble between the slits of the fork before they meet my lip!

Until next time, I promise it won’t be another 6 months!

6 thoughts on “Welcome back Ashley!

  1. I love your writing style – it’s as though I am literally taking a walk in your shoes through your life!

    I’m glad you started back blogging because I enjoy your blogs 🙂 . . .I know how you feel about the grind of graduate school, but hopefully with graduation on the horizon, you’ll then be able to sharpen your marketing skills and iron fist. Here’s to a profitable business!


    1. Thank you! I appreciate you reading my blogs. Graduation is indeed the light in middle of the tunnel, only because of my uncertainty with the “what’s next”. I hope my iron fist and business smarts elevate when I can focus strictly on that. Fingers crossed! And yes I can cheers to the hopes of a profitable business that I love


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